Based in Perth, Western Australia.

We specialise in Architectural, Interior Design, Hospitality, Retail, and Construction Photography. Understanding your industry and your work is most important so we focus 100% on these areas only.

We understand how important it is to show your work in its best light, so we listen to your needs, share ideas, and then collaborate to provide you with the unique images you are looking for. Our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients - we want to fully understand your business so that we can provide images that truly represent your company culture, and in the end provide you with the best opportunity to grow your business.

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How do you come up with your photography rate?

The photography rate we use is known as the Base Usage Rate (BUR) and is made up of two components.

Creation: This is the base rate that covers our expenses and time in creating the images you are looking for. We have day rates but tend to quote on a job-by-job basis depending on your requirements.

Usage: All creative content must be licensed for use. Part of the value of the images we provide will be based on how the image will be used and essentially how many people will be seeing the image. The more the image will be used; the greater the value it has. Every estimate we provide will clearly state the use in which the images are intended for and the costs attached to this.


All artwork created for a brief is the intellectual property of the creator. As the client you are seen to be purchasing the rights to use an image (for the particular uses specified in the quote) however the creator still owns the image. We will make sure you are able to use the image as you would like, but we still own the rights to the artwork created.

This is why we are clear in terms of our usage fee. Our price will reflect the value of the license as well as the time to create the images. 

WA Architecture Awards 2015

Dion Photography completed the photography for the following projects:

Residential Architecture - Houses (New)

Marshall Clifton Award: Blackwall Reach Residence - Hillam Architects

Commendation: Union Street Residence - Chindarsi Architects

Small Project Architecture

Commendation: Mount Lawley House - Robeson Architects & Union Street Residence - Chindarsi Architects

Mondoluce Lighting Award: Union Street Residence - Chindarsi Architects

Clients include